Birmingham Mailbox

Birmingham miscellaneous snapshot

Coming out of the car park lift, I was heading towards Rodizio Rico, my favourite Brazilian restaurant in the Mailbox, Birmingham. With my camera with me all the time, I always look out for photographic opportunity. As I was walking towards the door, I thought the light effect can make a good black and white photograph. I was planning to just take picture of the door with some restaurant tables and chairs as foreground. When I looked through the viewfinder, suddenly to my surprise I saw a group of people walking into the building. There were males, females, kids and adults. Wow! Without hesitation, I took a few shots, trying to include part of the restaurants on the sides to give it a bit of context. It was not easy to get enough details of the inside without losing details of the building outside but I think eventually I have a good balance.

27mm, f/3.6, 1/60s, ISO 250.

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