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I am a freelance photographer. Capturing magical moments in life and creating beautiful pictures of this wonderful world we live in is my passion.

I created this blog to share my passion and to empower other photographers with the skills and techniques I have learnt over the years.

Thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello sir, my name is Bob James and I am a member of Fuji X Forum I live half way between Bristol & Gloucester, I am sorry the experience of trying to sell your Fuji did not go down to well so I would like to put a proposition to you, This is entirely up to you, but I already own a Fuji xe1 and I have been considering another body, xe1 or xe2 or possibly xt1. I have the money to buy a new one but I am a pensioner and I have to conserve what money I have for a rainy day, when you have your black version of the xe2 and you are satisfied and perhaps decide to sell it on send me an email and I could drive to say Srensham services on the M5 and meet you face to face for a cash sale, let me know your thoughts on the subject.


    1. Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your offer. I am actually quite content with it at the moment. I will still sell if the price is good, otherwise I am quite happy to keep it also. What do you have in mind in term of price?



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