Making Big Print

I still remember when I first started photography, all my photos were in prints. Maybe I am old, but I feel that looking at prints is very different from looking at a phone or computer screen. In fact, the switch from film to digital has eroded my interest in photography so much that I didn’t do any photography for a few years.

Nowadays we all got used to looking at our photos on a screen. However, a lot of photographers like myself feel that we should print our photos more. I guess one of the limiting factors is cost. Printing is not cheap, especially if you want to make a bigger print.

Recently, we moved into a house where there was a TV on a wall with pre-installed cables. We decided not to have a TV in our house, but the sight of hanging cables is not very inviting. I came up with an idea of covering it up with a large canvas print. The reason for canvas is that I will have space behind the frame to hide the cable.

After looking through all my photos, I found this one I like. It was taken on a misty one morning on the way to work. Here is the original photo.

I quite like the colour, but my wife and I both agreed that we should have a black and white wall art. So I spent sometimes converting it to black and white using Silver Efex Pro and a bit of cropping. I found a great Christmas offer which allowed me to make big 40 x 30 inches print at a very reasonable price.

After three weeks wait, I finally got it delivered this week. I was delighted with the quality. This photo was taken with a Fujifilm X-T20 and the humble XF18/2 and it is definitely good enough to this print size.

Now I have it on my wall and I no longer have to look at those untidy cables coming off the wall.

Every time I make a print, I feel very happy and satisfied. I should definitely print my photos more.

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